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Ridgewood School

Ridgewood School

Praise and Rewards

As a school, we love to reward our students when they get it right.

Effective praise provides students with positive reinforcement that enables them to succeed, motivates them to learn and increases their participation in class. Everyone values being praised and recognised for their efforts.

Ridgewood Points

Ridgewood Praise Points are awarded for work of an exceptional or outstanding standard, dynamic learning, good organisation, high attendance and contribution to school life. All students are capable of achieving Ridgewood Praise Points and can accumulate them throughout the academic year. 

We have a number of varied rewards across the year some of which are presented in celebration assemblies. 

Altus Rewards

After Creating Futures data has been entered and distributed to students and parents, those students who display a ‘Motivated’ or ‘Outstanding’ attitude in all subjects will be rewarded with an Altus badge in a special Altus Celebration Assembly.

A is for attitude

L is for leadership

T is for teamwork

U is for understanding

S is for success

Attendance vote and win

Students with 100% attendance have the chance to be entered into specific prize draws. These are drawn every half term.

Golden ticket events

In the run up to Christmas all students across KS3 and KS4 are issued with 10 virtual golden tickets. The aim of this challenge is to have 10 golden tickets remaining at the end of a four-week period. Students lose tickets if they incur sanctions within school, such as a C3 or C4. All tickets that are saved by our students through good behaviour are entered into a prize draw for each year group, where students can win some fantastic prizes.

 Reward trips

Students with the required Ridgewood Points, high attendance and a motivated or outstanding attitude to learning will be invited on reward trips. Each year group has a specific day and trip.