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Ridgewood School celebrated some very strong outcomes for its students once again this year.

Summer 2018 saw the introduction of the new 9-1 grading system for GCSE in almost all subjects, along with more hours of examinations and much more challenging assessments.

Only 2% of students nationally were awarded the new highest grade 9, but Ridgewood saw 27 students (one in ten of our cohort) achieve at least one of these grades. In total, Ridgewood students achieved 83 grade 9s. This is an outstanding achievement. Eight students achieved grade 9s in at least six subjects and thirteen students achieved grade 9s in at least three subjects.

One in five grades achieved overall by Ridgewood students were awarded at a 7 or higher (or equivalent in GCSEs measured on the old grading system).

In our Sixth Form, all of our Year 13 students spent two years working towards new more rigorous A levels. They saw their hard work pay off as they secured university and apprenticeship places of their choice. 31% of all A level grades were A* or A and one in ten students achieved A* or A in all of their subjects.

KS4 Performance Data 2018

KS5 Performance Data 2018

Resit Data – November 2018

English Language

Eleven students resat English Language with 7 students (64% compared to nationally 33%) achieving a Grade 4 or higher. (3 students achieved Grade 4, 3 students achieved Grade 5 and 1 student achieved Grade 6)


9 students resat Maths and 3 students (33% compared to nationally 23%) achieved Grade 4 or higher.

More information is available on the DfE performance tables and the 16-18 performance tables

Our latest Ofsted report can be found by downloading the electronic version below.

You can share your views of the school with Ofsted here.