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Our Maths department have an inspiring vision which drives all they do: ‘Teaching students Mathematics skills for life’.

They are a large and highly skilled department of staff who genuinely love Maths, and who convey their love of the subject to all the students they teach. Comprising twelve staff with many years’ experience, the Maths team focuses relentlessly on enabling students to understand the kind of Maths which they will use for the rest of their lives, and ensuring that students’ confidence with numeracy is at the forefront of every lesson. All students study Maths at both KS3 and KS4, along with a significant number choosing to carry on with the subject at Post-16. The department are also actively involved in our Year 6 Transition Week, meaning that students’ primary school Maths skills never dip.

In their Maths lessons, students are encouraged to solve problems for themselves, and to become learners who can draw on all their knowledge of numbers and mathematical processes to understand why they get the answers they do. They focus on applying Maths to real life scenarios across a wide range of topics, and are always stretched to increase their knowledge by being given challenging next steps.

The department prides itself on being organised, dedicated and hard-working, and teaching lessons which make students think at all times. Consequently, the results achieved by the Maths department are extremely impressive, and mean that students leave Ridgewood equipped with the mathematical skills and knowledge they require for the next step in their education or career. As well as success in examinations, the department consider it essential that students enjoy maths beyond the classroom and annually enter students for the UK Maths Challenge, aiming to win a bronze, silver or gold certificate for their mathematical skills.



Useful Websites

To further support your child in Maths, you can remind him/her of the importance of having the correct equipment: pen, pencil, 30cm ruler, protractor, compass and a scientific calculator if possible. It would also be beneficial to students if they were encouraged to complete homework to a high standard using either revision guides or the websites above to support them.


At GCSE, students follow the Edexcel Mathematics GCSE specification.

The KS4 maths curriculum builds on the skills learnt at KS3. Year 10 and 11 follow a scheme of learning which introduces new topics based on the tier of exam the students are sitting (Foundation or Higher) while practising and furthering the key skills taught at KS3. The GCSE course is taught so students have an understanding of the key maths principles of Number, Ratio and Proportion, Algebra, Shape and Space, and Statistics. The new GCSE content is taught with a mixture of recall, problem solving and procedural questions, the emphasis being much more on the problem solving-style questions.
Exam revision guides and workbooks are available in the School Shop.
The Edexcel Mathematics paper (9-1) is assessed with 100% examination:
Paper 1 – 90 mins – Non Calculator
Paper 2 – 90 mins – Calculator
Paper 3 – 90 mins – Calculator
Please use the Contact Us facility on this website if you would like any further information about the Mathematics scheme of learning.

Home learning details and how parents can support their children:

  • Ensure all students have pen, pencil, ruler, protractor, compass and scientific calculator.
  • Ensure students complete weekly homework
  • Encourage students to do revision at home. Workbooks with accompanying revision guides are available at the school shop.
  • During KS4 students are preparing for their GCSE at the end of year 11 so it would be very beneficial to their mathematical studies if parents encouraged students to revise using past papers, previous assessments and other questions for about 20 minutes, 5 times per week.

Useful web links:

Students can access specific exam questions with worked solutions for them to mark at the following websites:


Overview of topics:

A Level Maths is for students who wish to continue their study of Maths beyond GCSE. The course consists of Core 1-4, and Statistics and Decision

Further Maths is for those students who are more able mathematicians and enjoy the challenges maths brings. The course consists of Core 1, 2, 3 and 4, Statistics 1 and 2, Mechanics 1, 2 and possibly 3 and Decision 1.


Baseline test on Induction Day

Census test after three weeks

Weekly ‘Key Assessed Homework’ is set to test students’ understanding of each topic. Regular assessments are placed throughout the year to give feedback to students.

Home learning details:

Students should be encouraged to fill out their weekly learning logs and parents are encouraged to check and challenge what independent learning they have been doing. This will be in a blue A4 workbook. All students will be provided with a textbook and students should complete home learning on any topic they have been working on throughout the week.

Useful web links:

Students will have their own log in to MyMaths:

The AQA website, for the exam specification, exam papers and mark schemes: