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Ridgewood School

Ridgewood School


Why is homework set?

All homework that is set at Ridgewood is purposeful and supports learning. Homework enables students to practise their knowledge, understanding and skills, so that these are deeply embedded.

Students are rewarded with Ridgewood Points for submitting homework and demonstrating independent extended learning. By completing homework tasks and revision activities students should also see a positive impact on their assessment results.

What homework is set?

There is a range of homework that is set at Ridgewood including independent tasks, reading and retrieval revision strategies.

Details of homework can be found in the ‘Extended Learning’ section of each Learning Map.

How can my child get help with homework?

Our school library, which has computers and internet access, is open Tuesday-Friday at lunch time and after school until 4pm.

Sparx Maths parent/carer support video: Resources Summer 2021/Parent video_v2.mp4

What can my child do if they would like more homework?

Many of the online homework platforms we use at Ridgewood, such as GCSEPod, Educake and Sparx provide the option for students to access further tasks or support if they wish. Teachers will also be able to direct students to independent learning opportunities.

At Ridgewood, we also strongly promote reading for pleasure, ideally twenty minutes every day. To support with this students can now borrow books from the school library and also access eBooks through myON to support. There is also numerous enrichment opportunities after school that we encourage students to attend.