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Ridgewood School

Ridgewood School

Behaviour for Learning

Behaviour for Learning (BfL) is an integral part of our ethos at Ridgewood School. It is a behaviour management system which covers all aspects of behaviour throughout school i.e. towards other students, staff and the environment both in the classroom and around school. Students will learn and progress most effectively when they are in a secure, safe and happy environment and that is what BfL is designed to create and support.

We believe that all students and staff at Ridgewood School are important valued individuals and deserve to be treated and spoken to with respect. How students behave affects their progress and that of those around them. Everyone has the right to learn without anyone else disrupting their education. How students speak to peers and staff, the tone of voice they adopt and their choice of language is very important and at all times should be done in a respectful and courteous manner.

Furthermore, we know that excellent attitudes to learning mean excellent results. All staff and students are encouraged to be very smart at all times, both in and out of school. Students should take extra care to look smart to and from school and on public transport as they continue to represent the school during these times.

BfL is not about sanctions, although they exist, but about rewarding students who try their best and don’t disrupt the learning of others. However, we have sanctions for any anti-social behaviour. These are issued through the BfL system and are based on a few simple rules that students are expected to observe throughout their time at Ridgewood.