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The Latin word ‘altus’ means high, noble or profound. We thought this was an appropriate way to describe the students who achieve this status at Ridgewood, and so we developed the Altus reward scheme in order to recognise outstanding effort and attitude. As well as having a Latin meaning, we have also attributed the qualities of our Altus students to each letter of the word:

A is for attitude

L is for leadership

T is for teamwork

U is for understanding

S is for success

After Creating Futures data (including REGs/current STEP) has been entered and distributed to students and their parents, those students who are on or above target in the majority of their subjects (see CF reports for how this works for each year group), and who display a ‘Motivated’ or ‘Outstanding’ attitude in all their subjects, will be rewarded with an Altus badge in a special Altus assembly. Students who achieve Altus status gain privileges across the school including access to our Altus lounge, and can build up their ‘in-school CV’, ready to show to future education providers or employers.