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Coronavirus Testing Success

Rapid Covid-19 testing made possible by the hard work and dedication of staff and volunteers over the past three weeks.

Monday 19 March

The school's onsite testing programme has been operational since 11 January 2021 and was initially used to test the staff and students in the mini-school that ran during the most recent national lockdown. Along with the other protective measures we continue to take, the introduction of lateral flow tests enabled us to identify cases of potential infection much quicker than previously, particularly amongst those who were asymptomatic.

Staff Testing Team

When the Prime Minister Boris Johnson set out the return of students to school for 8 March 2021, it was announced that lateral flow tests would be made available to all students and staff, in order to safeguard their health. With over 90% of our students consenting to take part in the rapid-results scheme, where they would be tested in person at school three times before switching to home testing kits, we had to work quickly to establish a larger on-site testing centre ready for their return.

Thank you to all of the staff who helped to coordinate our testing programme: Tracey Haley, Anne Briggs, Sherri Taylor, Lorna Lord, Chloe Measures, Rachel Peters, Liz Thorpe, Ed Ball.

Student Services Manager, Anne Briggs (left) and volunteers Katie Haley and Heidi Exley (right)

A Message from Deputy Headteacher, Liz Thorpe:

“It has taken a phenomenal effort from everyone within the school community to ensure the testing centre could run safely.

The testing has meant that more students, teachers and staff have been able to stay in their classes, in school and sixth form, without the need to self-isolate.

Since January 2021, the testing team have completed over 4000 tests of students and staff; this could not have happened as successfully without the involvement of our fabulous volunteers.

Thanks go out also to all our students that have been involved in the testing. They have all continued to demonstrate maturity and resilience throughout this challenging year.”

School Community Volunteers

The efforts of our staff were hugely supported by a team of wonderful volunteers from our school community. From greeting students at the door and reassuring them, to carrying out testing, organising resources and recording results, our testing programme would not have been possible without the volunteers' contributions!

Thank you to all of our volunteer testing team: Lesley Ballard, Alison Constantine, Claire Day, Lorraine Day, Heidi Exley, Lyn Gillespie, Katie Haley, Michelle Larner, Sarah Taverner and Rebecca Wall.

For more information on Covid-19 testing for students, please visit:

Please get in touch via the enquiry form on our Contact Us page, should you have any further questions.