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Remote Learning Update 2

Changes to lesson timings for remote learning, as well as further information on laptop requests and other enquiries during the latest national lockdown.

Friday 8 January

Remote Learning Update 2

Throughout the course of this week we have delivered over 600 live lessons to students across all Key Stages. Our remote learning provision has progressed so much since March 2020 and we are extremely proud of what we have managed to achieve this week. Despite some minor technical issues the feedback from parents/carers has been overwhelmingly positive.  

As the first week of live lessons comes to a close we have reflected on feedback from staff, students and parents/carers about how we can improve our offer further. This letter contains information about changes we will make ready for next week’s live lessons – from Monday 11 January.  

Timings of the day 

To support staff and student wellbeing whilst working from home we will reduce lesson time by five minutes. Each lesson will therefore be 45 minutes in length instead of 50. Some parents/carers have quite rightly raised that their children are struggling with the length of screen time each day and have suggested we make more opportunities for regular breaks. Building in this time between lessons means that students can take the opportunity to move away from their device. This gap between lessons also affords teachers the time to transition between lessons and prepare for the next class.  

Please see below the amended timings to the day: 

Period 1  

9 – 9.45am  


9.45 – 10.10am  

Period 2   

10.10 – 10.55am  

Form Time   

(Monday and Friday only for Year 7 – 11/Monday to Friday for Year 12 and 13)  

11 - 11.15am  

Period 3  

11.20 – 12.05am  


12.05 – 1.10pm  

Period 4  

1.10 – 1.55pm  

Period 5  

2 – 2.45pm  

Form Time 

Unfortunately some temporary restrictions on Microsoft Teams are preventing us from setting up new teams for students. We are not sure when this will be resolved but at present it is not possible to create the Form Group teams (Year 7 -11) ready for the pastoral check in at Form Time on Monday 11 January. As such, we will be sending a narrated PowerPoint to students via email instead. All students should spend time watching this during the Form Time period on Monday 11 January.  

Live lesson expectations 

A reminder that the week commencing Monday 11 January is a ‘Week A’ on the timetable. Students should continue to follow their timetable, attending the correct live lessons each day and period of the week. Students’ timetables are available on Frog.  

We would be grateful if parents/carers could remind students of the live lesson expectations. During a live lesson students should follow the expectations below: 

  • Ensure that their microphone is muted at all times, unless their teacher asks them to unmute. 

  • Ensure that their camera is off at all times. 

  • Use the ‘raise hand’ function to notify the teacher if they have a question. 

  • Only use the ‘chat’ function when instructed by the teacher.  

The vast majority of students who have accessed live lessons so far have behaved impeccably. We know they are extremely appreciative of the extraordinary efforts their teachers are going to, to continue to educate them remotely. Please ensure that your child is aware that the Behaviour for Learning Team will contact the parents/carers of any student who fails to comply with live lesson expectations.  

Laptop requests 

We have had a number of requests from parents/carers about students borrowing laptops from school for the remote learning period. Unfortunately, we were only provided with a very small number of laptops by the government and they are currently out on loan. We do have a waiting list that we can add students to, however, we must make it clear that we do not have any laptops remaining.  

Students can download the Microsoft Teams app on many devices including smart phones and tablets, as well as on laptops/computers. Students do not require a laptop/computer to complete the live lesson work, they can follow the lesson on any device and work on paper if necessary. Information is also available online to support students in signing in to Office 365 to access Microsoft Teams via a PlayStation or Xbox device.  


Parents/carers are encouraged to get in touch with us regarding any enquiries, by visiting the ‘Contact Us’ form on our school website. A member of staff will be happy to support.  

Particular thanks goes to the parents/carers who have sent wonderful messages of support and gratitude to us over the last week. These are extremely motivating and really lift the spirits of all our staff.  

As always, thank you for your continued flexibility, patience and support.