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Rembembrance Day 2020

Staff and students at Ridgewood School were proud to commemorate Remembrance Day 2020 - here's how we marked this important memorial day. 

11 November 2020

Our Remembrance Day commemorations yesterday were particularly moving. All of our students across the entire school have worked hard to make their own individual tributes in the form of personalised poppies, collated into form group wreaths.

After students took part in a standing two minute silence at 11am with their form group, the wreaths were presented by a prefect from each form, outside their year group bubble building. This was accompanied by ‘The Last Post’ being played from the centre of the school, for all to hear.

Later in the day, students listened to a virtual assembly created by Mr Carlin, our Head of Humanities. During the assembly students learned about men and women from Doncaster whose many sacrifices we remember on the 11 November each year. I am immensely proud of the respect shown by our students and staff today.”


Ridgewood students created their memorial wreaths through our Personal Development Programme (PDP).

PDP takes place during their daily form-group time and encourages our students to develop their personal identity and values, both as an individual citizen and as part of our wider society.