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Amazon warehouse visit amazes students

Year 10 got to see just how our Amazon parcels get to us!

Throughout the year, one of the aims of the careers team is to enable the whole of Year 10 to experience the world of work. Part of this will be a range of industry visits.

The first industry visit was on Friday 13 December to the Amazon fulfilment centre in Doncaster. Accompanied by Assistant Head and Head of Careers Mrs Charters, the students had a tour of the huge warehouse and learnt all about how the business works. They got an insight into the many ro les within the company, from tour guides and packers, to the engineers and management of the company. The students finished the tour by having their photographs taken with some of the specialised machinery used on the site.

Following on from the visit, the students wrote an account of their trip. You can read their write ups below. Thanks to Mrs Charters for organising the visit, and to the students for their excellent behaviour throughout.


Owen Kaye: My Amazon Warehouse tour

I thought that the tour guide was extremely helpful and informative. It was very exciting to have the opportunity to go and visit such an advanced warehouse and had many useful tools that they used that had me interested the entire time. I also had lots of fun traversing down the guide path, looking at just how tall the shelves were stacked (40 feet high!). The warehouse also took up an area of 1,000,000 square feet. We were informed of the intelligent computer used to guide the packages to the correct departure stations, to track the items location and even how the computer was able to retain the information of what shelf it currently resides on. They also told us that Amazon started off as a small business in a garage selling books and later grew into the biggest supplier of many items.

Benjamin Bubb: Amazon FC tour

The tour around Amazon today (1 million square foot) was a great experience as we learned how it functions and what they do when they do things go wrong. We also got to see the different sectors you can work under and there were lots: ICQA, HR, engineering and packaging. They also informed us that they do engineering apprenticeship that has two sectors. We got to see how they package things and where they go after they are packaged. Only 50% of the products in Amazon are their own products. We saw the vehicles they used to get to the high shelves and we even got to stand on one. Everything that she talked about we got to see the workers do them so we got a visual representation of them as well as a verbal one. Close to the end we got to sit in a derby car that was decorated as a sleigh and used in a race and we also got to put on Christmas decorated Amazon boxes. At the end we asked any questions we wanted to ask and then we got given the choice to get a water bottle, a plane or a truck. Overall the tour was a very good experience and the tour guide was very nice and informative and I would do it again and recommend it to a friend.

Summer Giddings: The Amazon Trip

During my time on the Amazon LBA2 tour I became much more informed by all of the more progressive and interesting jobs that happen within the one building. It also makes me unbelievably fascinated as for myself being a customer we just click a few buttons yet don’t think about all the processes it must go through before arriving at my front door. My favourite part of the tour was certainly seeing all of the different machinery and all of the processes they take in order to deliver the packages with astonishing quality. I must say however my least favourite part of the tour was that it was not at all interactive therefore for younger children they’re a lot more likely to not find it as intriguing as older children/adults. Overall I do think the tour was worth experiencing and I received a lot of useful information and I would recommend the tour, and the company to other people so they can have the same experience.

Milly Allen: The Amazon trip

Today’s trip to the Amazon LBA2 building was really fascinating. I have now become aware of all the interesting jobs and services that take place within Amazon. It has made me very intrigued as an Amazon customer to see how are products are packaged, where they come from and who works behind the building. It has actually blown my mind to how actually these items can be prepared to be delivered to homes just a day after purchasing. My favourite part of the tour was actually seeing all the different machinery that is used inside the building. It was weirdly very satisfying! On the other hand, I think my least favourite part of the day was that it wasn’t very interactive this could make it quite boring for an infant audience. Overall, in my opinion I think that the tour is definitely worth experiencing and I actually gathered a lot of interesting information from listening to the tour guide speak about the business, building and also the finding of Amazon. I would highly recommend other people to also visit so they could have such a good time too!

Callum France: My Amazon trip

I found it very interesting because when I got inside we got to learn about all of the different types of jobs they have, what they do and all of the equipment they use and how they all worked. My favourite machine was the PUP 150, it would lift the person really high so they can grab what is requested, this is because all of the storage was in stacks and they was basically was touching the roof. They are arranged in rows like a supermarket. To start the machine they would be given a key when they work at Amazon but if the person was not trained to drive the vehicle the card would be read but it would not start and it would get someone to see what they need.

They also would have smaller shelves that would store things in a random order. This might look messy and really awkward but it is easier. This is because they would scan a barcode and it would tell the computer where it is stored. This allows it so if someone needed something, the computer would tell the name of the shelf. If something falls off a shelf and they do not know where it goes they would put it in a special box where someone would come with a COW to see where it should go and they would put it back. If you are wondering what a COW is it stands for Computer On Wheels. They have these because if they need a computer somewhere it is way easier to have it on wheels on transport.

The warehouse is so long that it would take too long for one person to take all the luggage to one area. That’s why they put in black, metal crates that would store boxes of stuff. This would still be too long so they have a scooter that can carry up to six of the crates at a time. This is needed because they get a lot of boxes a day.

I feel very happy about being allowed to go because I get to learn my grades needed, how the place works, what the inside of the place looks like, where different stuff is stored and how it is stored and much more. Thank you for allowing me to have this amazing trip.