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Kate is speedy swimmer

Kate Challenger is making waves in the pool.

In this hot weather, we might all feel like jumping into a swimming pool to chill out and cool down. But if you get into a pool where Kate Challenger is swimming, you can expect to find yourself trailing in her wake.
Kate swims for Dearne Valley and Doncaster DARTES, training before and after school and at weekends. As a result of her commitment to her sport, she has already won 17 medals and 8 'speeding tickets' (for going too fast!), and has more medals in her sights.
Kate says she is most proud of the 'speeding tickets' she has won, as they mean she goes over and above what is expected of her.
Her times are consistently impressive as she has clocked 38.51 seconds for backstroke, 45.73 seconds for breaststroke, 33.51 seconds for freestyle, and she also swims butterfly.
Congratulations Kate, and we look forward to reporting on more medals in the future!