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Ethan takes on investment banking challenge

A visit to Canary Wharf gives Ethan a chance to experience real-life business.

Whilst many students want to spend their half term holiday resting and catching up on sleep, Ridgewood student Ethan Bluff decided to do something a little different...

Ethan travelled to London to take part in an 'Apprentice' style competition at Deutsche Bank in Canary Wharf. The event was open to teenagers known to the bank’s UK employees and many, many young people applied but only 100 - including Ethan - were selected to work for the day at four locations: Birmingham, London Canary Wharf, City of London, and London Victoria.

As part of the experience, Ethan had the chance to learn from external experts, including Rosie Ginday, Founder and Director of Miss Macaroon, who shared their expertise on topics such as confidence building and communication skills. The young apprentices were then set a business challenge and split into teams to buy products, which included doughnuts, cupcakes, chocolates, cheese and biscuits, coffee cups, wrist bands and more.

Their new financial knowledge and skills were tested as they had to bid on their location and price their wares, and the afternoon was spent selling their merchandise across the chosen locations. Whilst Ethan's team did not win, he learnt a huge amount during the day about entrepreneurship and business, and had a fantastic time. He also received extremely positive feedback from the staff involved in the competition, who noted that he was very mature and performed well during the day.

The event was organised by Deutsche Bank to raise money for two charities - Cure Leukaemia and Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity - and, thanks to the business skills of Ethan and his peers, it raised over £17,000 in just one day.
Ethan's flair for business doesn't stop there - his latest idea is to use his drone to take and sell aerial photos of people's homes. But, like many successful business people, he has faced a challenge... Because Ethan is under 18, he does not currently have a commercial drone pilot licence. With the help of his family, Ethan recently challenged the Civil Aviation Authority on this. They have now agreed for him to work under supervision as a commercial drone pilot as long as he can find a drone pilot school that will accept him as a student to pass his licence.
Lord Sugar had better watch out - Ethan Bluff is hot on his heels!