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Vivit gives students hands on dissection experience!

Real-life dissection opens students' eyes to human anatomy.

Earlier this month, Vivit visited Ridgewood. The synthetic cadaver gives students a chance to explore human anatomy close up - and in all its gory details!

A level and GCSE students arrived at Faraday auditorium with an air of anticipation... The Vivit presenters gave them a comprehensive account of the synthetic cadaver, performing a full introduction to human anatomy and the history of dissection. The assembled audience of teachers and students then looked at the anatomy of the human head, and even dissected a pig's head and eye!

Students then got their own sleeves rolled up and dissected a human heart and lungs, looking at the thoracic cavity. As well as their practical experiences, students learnt how to speak anatomically about the human body just like an expert. Next, students got to look at the digestive tract, which is a once in a life time opportunity and which really helped their understanding of the body.

As well as getting to explore the anatomy through hands-on experiences, students learnt more widely about the work of those who are involved in this area of science, hearing from the expert presenters about the stages of death and the moving of human bodies in crimes.

It was a day the students will never forget!