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Political and business leaders meet sixth form students

Sixth form students have shared their ideas with local leaders

Ed Miliband MP fulfilled the promise he made to students at Ridgewood School last year and returned to continue working with our sixth form students on a project aiming to improve the image of, and opportunities within, Doncaster.

Mr Miliband has been into school twice over the past few months, where he has listened to the experiences of our students. He was so impressed with their ideas and vision that this time he brought with him some powerful and influential people from the local area. Guests included Dan Fell (CEO of the Doncaster Chamber of Commerce) and Sian Dudley (Head of Marketing and Communications at CAST Theatre).

In order to come up with ways to drive Doncaster forward together, our students engaged in mini-group sessions with Ed, Dan and Sian. A range of brilliant ideas were generated including displaying the work of local artists (including students from Ridgewood) in prominent positions throughout the town, having pop-up music stages across the town centre, and creating a new museum celebrating the history and people of Doncaster.

The visitors were all hugely complimentary about the way the students presented their ideas and the fact that they were so aspirational for the local area. As a result, Ed, Dan and Sian are going to come back to Ridgewood in May to report on the progress they have made with the students’ ideas.

Ed is hoping that our students will become ‘Doncaster Ambassadors’ and accompany him on trips to businesses and other schools in the area to engage people and seek their support to make positive changes for our area. We are extremely proud of the students’ drive and ambition to make a better community.