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Cross country success runs in the family

Congratulations to brothers Jacob and Daniel Swales for their cross country running success this weekend.

On a cold February weekend when many people couldn't have imagined leaving the warmth of their bed, let alone heading out on a cross country run, Jacob and Daniel Swales put on their running shoes and set out to compete in the South Yorkshire Schools Cross Country event. Representing Doncaster schools, Jacob and Daniel were the only boys from Ridgewood who were selected, and both boys did themselves and the school proud. They were joined in the event by Isabel Robinson, who competed in the girls section.

The race was far from easy. Battling freezing and muddy conditions, Daniel came 21st out of 32 in his race, running 2.4km in just 11 minutes and 29 seconds. Jacob came 10th out of 32 in his race, running 4.4km in only 19 minutes and 2 seconds. Both boys gave the race their all and were pleased with the results.

Congratulations to Jacob and Daniel, and to Isabel, and we look forward to hearing more about their achievements in the future.