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Vivit to visit Ridgewood scientists

Sixth form and KS4 students at Ridgewood will get to experience a live post mortem of a semi-synthetic human cadaver to enhance their knowledge of anatomy!

On April 16th, a very special visitor is coming to Ridgewood... Vivit, the world's only semi-synthetic human cadaver, will be dissected live in the Faraday auditorium, so students of Science and PE can actually see, touch and feel the dissection of the major anatomical cavities and their organs and organ systems. Led by two professional scientific presenters, students will get first hand experience of the body and its organs, and will put the theory they learn in A Level and GCSE lessons into practice.

This unique and inspirational experience promises to give students a new take on their learning. In a full four hour presentation, up to 150 students will get to watch the event, then spend time handling the samples in a fully interactive breakout session. As well as enhancing their scientific understanding, students will also be taught about the history of dissection, from Ancient Greece to the modern day.

Watch this space for more details!