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Staff development

At Ridgewood, we believe that the effective training, support and development of our staff enables them to be the best they can be, and to give our students an exceptional teaching experience. Ridgewood offers its staff bespoke packages which are tailored to their career point and path, and which encourage them to become reflective, enthusiastic and expert practitioners.

Our CPD is varied and matched to the needs of our staff, both teaching and associate. Teaching staff engage in whole school training in teaching and learning, understanding our school systems and quality assuring data, as well as benefitting from Hyperion, our coaching programme which focuses on classroom practice over a seven week cycle. Our Lead Practitioners take staff through a personal journey where they seek to develop a specialist area of their practice and become accomplished and confident practitioners.

At Ridgewood, we also benefit from a dedicated Leadership Coach who develops training and support for all our staff. Training, coaching, shadowing of roles, one-to-one support, project based development and a range of other forms of CPD can be organised by our Leadership Coach in order to support staff to develop effectively in their jobs, and to understand how to make the next step in their career.

Our unique Oracle Leadership Development Programme offers all staff the chance to access training based on their own needs and aspirations, and matches training available to our ten Ridgewood Leadership Traits, which have been developed to promote effective leadership in all areas of the school.

Staff benefit from being able to select CPD to undertake at a time which suits them, and in a format which matches their learning style. All CPD is also recorded centrally, so staff have a comprehensive record of the training they have taken part in each year, and can use this to develop their own training package as they progress through their career.
Oracle is based on three principles of CPD:
  • Effective training and development is honestly and frequently identified and initiated by the individual and matches their specific needs
  • Training is the same as learning and everyone can always learn more and be even better at what they do
  • Being the best you can be through training and development increases confidence, competence and happiness

For more information about Oracle, Hyperion, Leadership Coaching or any of our other training and development opportunties, please use our Contact Us facility.