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Sports Day at Ridgewood

Friday 14th July is Ridgewood's annual Sports Day!

After a successful year of sports, the PE Faculty are hosting their annual Ridgewood House Olympics. During the Olympics, all students have been competing in their houses in a number of sports competitions including football, rounders, dodgeball, foot tennis, basketball and handball. This has been a huge success so far and some fantastic team spirit has been demonstrated throughout.

To conclude the Olympics, the PE Faculty will be running a traditional athletics sports day on Friday 14th July. The day will run with two year groups at a time and will involve all the students who have signed up to participate in one or more events. Students not participating will go to their normal lessons.

On this day those students who have opted to take part will be expected to come to school in their PE kit (optional house colour top). These students will be allowed to wear their PE kit for the remainder of the day. Form tutors have the final lists of students who have signed up for events and what events they will be competing in. Students not participating in the day MUST ensure they wear their normal school uniform. Failure to do so will result in students borrowing school uniform.

Students competing will be allowed to bring water onto the field to ensure they stay hydrated. It is also recommended that students have suntan lotion and warm clothes ensuring they are prepared for all weather conditions. In the severest of cases, sports day will be terminated and students will go back to lessons.

Those students not participating in sports day will have lessons as normal all day. Those students who have PE but are not involved in sports day will not be doing practical and therefore do not need to bring PE kit.

Due to safeguarding, unfortunately outside spectators cannot be accommodated. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact Mrs Newton, using the Contact Us facility on this website.