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Grace trains to tackle taekwondo gradings

Grace Robinson-Martin is preparing for her taekwondo black belt - so watch out!

After taking up taekwondo less than three years ago to build her confidence, Ridgewood student Grace is already preparing for the grading exam for her black belt (1st Dan).  Later this year, she will be assessed as she performs a pattern of up to twenty moves consecutively in the hope of demonstrating that she has met the standard. Early indications look very promising, as Grace has already received a trophy (pictured) for receiving the highest marks in her most recent grading.

She trains weekly at Scawsby Community Centre, taught by Master Palmer, and has now also started training at Barnsley as she moves up through the gradings and takes on increasing levels of skill and challenge.

Luckily, Grace says she has never had to use her taekwondo moves on anyone so far! Congratulations to Grace on her excellent achievements, and good luck with the upcoming black belt grading.