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Sunny Bronze DoE training weekend marks success for students

67 Ridgewood students travelled to North Yorkshire to complete a weekend of activities in preparation for their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh expedition.

Along with 28 students from Campsmount, Ridgewood's intrepid Bronze DofE cohort visited Peat Rigg near Cropton and spent the weekend camping, cooking, undertaking both day and night walks, and participating in a night line activity (a mini assault course, tackled whilst blindfolded!). As well as their physical activities, students completed a St. John's Ambulance First Aid course. With each day starting at 7am and finishing at midnight, students were certainly ready for a rest when they returned home on Sunday.

Thank you to Mr Sritharan, Miss De Carolis, Mrs Brasier and Mr Hulbert for their time this weekend, and well done to all the amazing students who made it through a hot and tiring weekend without a single moan!

What did the parents think?

Thanks to the parents for their tremendous support
"Shame us adults can't do it"
"A big thanks to all of you"
"Many thanks to all staff that helped over the weekend!"
"Thank you so much everyone for your dedication to enable the children to have these experiences"
"A huge thank you to the whole team"