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Values and Ethos

Our core values are excellence, integrity, teamwork and enjoyment.

We educate the whole child. Ridgewood School seeks to provide all its students with the opportunities and support which enable them to achieve and exceed their potential, not only in terms of academic achievement, but as a valuable member of the school community, and of the wider society beyond.

Ethos and Aims:

  • To raise the aspirations of students so they desire to achieve and exceed targets set for them, both within and beyond the classroom.
  • To engender a sense of collaborative purpose, so students and staff work together to achieve their best.
  • To care for students as individuals and to respect their talents, aspirations, strengths and unique qualities.
  • To provide opportunities for students to be engaged, interested and challenged by what they do and learn, every day.
  • To continually strive for improvement in all areas, through hard work, resilience and determination.