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School uniform

We are pleased to share details of our uniform with students and parents. Below is an image of the uniform, and the documents that you can download on this page provide more information.

All students in Years 7 - 11

Blazer:  School grey blazer with blue piping and school logo.

Shirt:  White shirt with stiff collar, tucked in with top button fastened.

Trousers:  School charcoal grey trousers with school logo.

Skirt:  School charcoal grey skirt with school logo.

Socks:  Plain black or grey.

Tights:  Plain, opaque, black or grey.

Tie:  School clip on tie, different for each year group.  There is a different tie for prefects.

Shoes:  Plain, black, flat/low heeled.  Must be leather or leather effect and able to be polished.  Shoes should not be: canvas, trainers or trainer style or above the ankle. Please follow this link and select South Yorkshire, Doncaster, and The Academy at Ridgewood for illustrations of accepted shoes.

Jewellery:  No jewellery is permitted other than a simple, inexpensive watch.  This includes charity bands and earrings.  Only Altus, Prefect or other school badges will be acceptable.

Hair:  Lines, patterns, vivid colours are not permitted.

Coat:  Plain black, dark grey, dark green, navy blue.  Must be able to be worn over blazer.  Hooded tops/sweatshirts should not be worn as outdoor coats and therefore should not be brought into school.

Make up: should be minimal, natural looking and should not be reapplied during the school day. False eye lashes are not appropriate for school and students wearing them will be asked to remove them.
Nail varnish/extensions: Coloured nail varnish and false nail extensions and are not appropriate for school and students wearing these will be asked to remove them. Refusal to do so will be treated as defiance and sanctioned accordingly.
Headphones: Personal headphones are not allowed to be used in school. If, in social time or walking around school, headphones are visible either in ears or hanging out from school uniform, these will be confiscated by a member of staff.

BfL Sanctions

The very high standards that we expect for students will be supported by this uniform.  Most of our students rise to the challenges we set for them, but to support the uniform looking very smart, there will be BfL consequences attached for not wearing it properly. 

A C3 will be issued for having a top button undone, wearing a tie incorrectly or having a shirt untucked.  A C3 will also be issued if a student is not wearing their blazer around school.

If a student arrives at school in the incorrect uniform, they will be asked to change into spare uniform held at school.  If they refuse to borrow this, a student may be asked to go home to change. 

Only a medical note from a doctor will be acceptable for wearing incorrect shoes.

For details of PE kit, please download the document on this page

For practical subjects

  • An apron may be useful for some subjects.
  • An apron must be worn in Food Technology.

Items of school uniform may be purchased from Cliff’s in Doncaster (online at or in store).

For details of the dress expectations of our Sixth Form students, please visit the Sixth Form section of the website.