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Student Leadership

We know that every student who comes to Ridgewood has the potential to be a leader, and we want to nurture this potential. As part of our leadership development, we have a team of prefects who are selected in each year and trained in their leadership role.

From Year 8, prefects can work towards the bronze, silver or gold leadership accreditation through the Schools, Students and Teachers Network (SSAT). This allows prefects to demonstrate their leadership capabilities both inside and outside school, working on their communication, teamwork, attitude and responsibility.

The prefects are headed by a team of lead prefects on the executive council. All members of the executive council have completed their gold SSAT leadership accreditation.

Over the last two years, the school prefects organised or supported:

  • Fundraising for the Teenage Cancer Trust through an Easter raffle, raising £153.03
  • Fundraising for the Year 11 prom
  • Fundraising for Young Minds Charity selling Valentine’s Day roses
  • A bake sale for the Dogs Trust, raising £110.75
  • Training and selection of Year 7 prefects
  • Front of house for all events
  • Year 6 Transition Week
  • Christmas hampers for the local community
  • Food bank collection
  • Anti-bullying events
  • Festive non-uniform day raising £1150 for Save the Children
  • Collection of plastic bottle tops

Prefects are recruited at the start of each year and application forms can be collected from Student Services.

Student Leadership Accreditation

The Student Leadership Accreditation (SLA) is an award offered through the SSAT. The SSAT hopes to transform schooling through inquiry, inspiration, innovation and having an impact; the SLA recognises the role that students can play in this process.

We chose this for our prefects to recognise all sorts of different leadership activities, some of which students may already have done or be doing.

How do students get a Leadership Award?

1. Students have been given a portfolio to collect evidence demonstrating their leadership abilities. We are aiming for students to complete their bronze, silver or gold award within one year.

2. All executive council members will work towards their gold accreditation.

3. Students collect paper-based evidence for each strand. Examples include:

  • A certificate
  • A thank you letter
  • Photographs
  • A witness statement
  • A newspaper cutting

4. Students also need to write a reflection for each, referring to the strands. Further copies of the reflection sheets are available from Student Services.

5. Completed paperwork should be submitted to Mrs Brasier who will organise peer assessment of the folder for accreditation.