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Staff Development

Our vision for teaching, learning and leadership is a continual professional development (CPD) culture that nurtures staff who are willing to share, support, explore and learn together.

Our dedicated Quality of Education Team aim to develop and grow both staff at Ridgewood and our colleagues in our partner schools. Our programmes are designed to encourage staff to take risks and innovate in ways that are right for our students and also to develop staff within in their own roles and be ready to take the next steps in their career.

All this is achieved through a variety of bespoke training and coaching programmes. All staff are invited and encouraged to develop their expertise both in their own pedagogy and in their leadership skills as we strive to close gaps and ensure outstanding outcomes in our students.

Specific areas of focus for all layers of school development planning and leadership both inform and drive our CPD throughout the academic year.

Our Monday night training is where all staff attend and address our school improvement priorities. In addition, bespoke packages are available for all staff and discussions with line managers will inform engagement in these sessions. 

Further information about Early Career Development is also available on our website. 

The Standard for Teachers’ Professional Development

“Effective professional development for teachers is a core part of securing effective teaching. It cannot exist in isolation; rather it requires a pervasive culture of scholarship with a shared commitment for teachers to support one another to develop so that students benefit from the highest quality teaching”.

At Ridgewood, we are committed to professional development that includes a variety of strategies designed to secure and sustain improvement through embedding evidence-based practice.

Our strands of professional development follow the characteristics of good CPD, as set out by the DfE, to enable us to consistently RAISE standards:

  • Regular CPD occurs and is sustained over time as opposed to one off sessions with limited follow up.
  • Action steps following individual or group CPD are clearly communicated, and are followed up in the next session.
  • Instructional coaching is at the heart of the Early Career CPD, and is offered to all teachers as a means of continually raising standards and the quality of education provided.
  • Student outcomes are evaluated, and along with assessment of staff needs, form the basis for the types and scope of the CPD offered, within the various strands detailed below, in order to improve student outcomes. This could be at an individual, department, or whole school level.
  • Evidence and recognised best practice is at the heart of all CPD offered to staff, and the evidence basis for the CPD is shared with staff.

CPD Strand



Strand 1

Whole School

Focused on school improvement priorities, the Senior Leadership Team support all leaders and teachers to secure improved outcomes.

Strand 2


Focused on school and department improvement priorities, Faculty/Subject Leaders support their teams’ development.

Strand 3

Instructional Coaching

Focused on pedagogy development, all teachers work with a coach to set goals and work towards them through a regular cycle of target setting, review of practise and modelling.

Strand 4

Leadership Coaching

Focused on support and challenge, the Senior Leadership Team coach Middle Leaders to secure positive impact against school improvement priorities.


A dedicated Leadership Development Programme offers Middle Leaders further opportunity to develop their practice.

Strand 5

Disciplined Inquiry

Focused on embedding evidence-based practice, the performance development cycle enables teachers to make targeted improvements to their teaching, to deliver greater improvements whole school.

Strand 6

Early Career CPD

Bespoke training using the ‘ADAPT’ model to help support teachers in the first few years of their careers.


Please get in touch via the enquiry form on our Contact Us page, should you have any further questions or to speak directly to our Leader of Continued Professional Development, Miss Megan Maguire.