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Year 11/12 Transition

Are you starting with us at Ridgewood Sixth Form in September 2021?

If you are, our staff have put together some fantastic projects for each and every subject for you to have a look at before you begin Year 12. Completing these will help you to get used to the work and content before you start your courses for real. 

Please collate your research, notes and any questions you have together in a folder. If you do go on to study this course with us in Year 12, you will be able to start by sharing your preparation and thinking with your teacher and other students in your class.

Specifically, you will be asked to share the three most interesting pieces of information you have learned, two questions you are ready to ask and one thing you would like to know more about (you will need to make a note of these). We cannot wait to hear what you come up with! 

Have a look at them in the menu above and give them a try, we can’t wait for you to start.

​​​​​​Please get in touch via the enquiry form on our Contact Us page, should you have any further questions or to speak directly to our Post-16 Lead, Mrs Jodie Gregory.