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Dress Code

We want you to follow the same principles that would apply to any workplace; that you come to Sixth Form dressed in a business-like fashion, ready to work and learn.

We want you to take pride in your personal appearance and always remember that others will be looking up to you as role models.  We will trust you to follow this guidance closely. You are welcome to wear earrings but no other visible piercings, and there should be no visible tattoos. Hairstyles should not be extreme.

  • Tailored jacket/blazer and/or pullover or cardigan
  • White, black, navy, light blue or grey collared shirt or blouse – these may be mandarin collared.  These should be tucked in unless they are fitted blouses
  • A collared plain polo shirt. Sports shirts, T-shirts and vest tops must not be worn
  • Black, navy or grey trousers, skirt or ‘business dress’ suit/dress. Leggings and shorts must not be worn.
  • Dresses and skirts must not be worn too long or too short
  • Shoes in black, grey or brown may be worn.  Canvas or training shoes of any kind must not be worn. Sandals, flip flops or ‘Ugg-style’ boots should not be worn
  • Pinstripe patterns are acceptable for shirts, blouses, jackets and trousers
  • Denim, irrespective of colour, must not be worn
  • Ties are optional (if worn, these should be fastened properly)
  • Socks/dark tights in black, navy or grey

If there is any doubt about a particular item’s adherence to the Sixth Form dress code please check before you purchase.