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Planners and Homework

At Ridgewood, our homework promotes personal and independent research and learning and encourages self-discipline and excellent study habits. Homework is planned for as an integral part of student learning and enables students to practise their knowledge, understanding and skills, so that these are deeply embedded.

Core subjects could set a revision or exploration task to consolidate learning, to deepen understanding or to gain new knowledge. The format and quantity of this will be decided by the department but the setting and deadline days will depend on the individual timetable. The work will be marked as per the school marking policy and students will be expected to reflect on the feedback and respond if deemed appropriate.

Foundation subjects have less timetable allocation in KS3 than core subjects and in many cases only one period per week, so the demands on students’ time cannot be the same as for the core. These subjects will set homework when there is a specific learning purpose or an assessment focus.

It is not always possible, or sensible, for subjects to set written tasks but students should be set goals to practise skills or carry out research and teachers will check the completion of these set tasks and use them to assess progress.