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Our Technology department are a large team consisting of seven teaching staff and three technicians. At KS3, students have three lessons per fortnight. They rotate every six weeks and cover a range of areas of technology to include food, graphics, product design, construction and engineering. At KS4, students can study a range of courses and topics including Construction, Product Design, VCERT in Craft, VCERT in Engineering and VCERT Food and Cookery. Construction, Product Design and Engineering are available at KS5. The department benefits from a range of cutting edge facilities including a LEGO innovation studio, laser cutters, 3D printers, CNC Milling machines, and a range of state of the art Engineering and Catering facilities.

In lessons, students’ experiences are varied and exciting. They get the opportunity to design and make exciting products in a range of materials, supported by experienced and highly skilled staff. Also popular with students is our LEGO Innovation Studio, where students can construct, program and engineer, all using LEGO. Beyond the classroom, students benefit from Lego League competitions, visits to engineering companies, and programming using WeDo and Mindstorms software.