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KS3 Learning Maps

Learning Maps

Each subject area has developed a curriculum timeline that details how our students will develop the knowledge, understanding and skills required to be a successful learner, across the Key Stages.

At Key Stage 3, each topic within a subject’s curriculum timeline is outlined in more detail, in a learning map. The learning map is shared with students at the start of each new topic, so that they are aware of how their knowledge, understanding and skills will develop. The learning map also makes it clear to students how the topic will build on prior learning and prepare them for subsequent learning, enabling them to make progress.

Included within the learning maps are Tier 3 (subject specific) vocabulary lists and suggested wider reading opportunities, to support students’ disciplinary literacy development. Making our Key Stage 3 learning maps available on our website means that they are easily accessible for everyone. In each learning map we have also included suggested ways in which parents/carers can get involved in their child’s learning and support their next steps.

Year 7

 Sep – Oct Autumn Term 1


Year 8

 Sep – Oct  Autumn Term 1


Year 9

 Sep – Oct  Autumn Term 1


Please get in touch via the enquiry form on our Contact Us page, should you have any further questions about our KS3 Curriculum or to speak directly to our Deputy Head for Quality of Education, Mr Andrew Bridge.