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At Ridgewood, the views of our stakeholders help us move forward towards providing an outstanding education for all our students. We want all our stakeholders to feel involved in making positive and considered suggestions about ways in which we can keep getting better. Education never stands still and neither do we, and the views of those in our school community help make us a strong team. We are always seeking ways to keep engaging our stakeholders and we want our staff, students, parents and other members of the school community to share their ideas with us.

Our parents, staff and students recently took part in an extensive survey. This exercise was completed for us by an external company and all participants took part anonymously. This is a genuine exercise by our school to canvas the opinions of our community to help us to understand what we are doing well and what we should consider as areas for development. We want to be transparent about the outcomes of the survey and have shared the headlines with our parents and staff already. More detail can be found in the report. Please note that the document is password protected so if you wish to view it please enter the password g0f0r@w@lk.