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Achievement Co-ordinators 2017-18

Who are we?

Year 7 – Mr P Moran

Deputy AC – Mrs T Clayton


Year 8 – Mr E Ball

Deputy AC – Mrs S Hughes


Year 9 – Mr D Summerill

Deputy AC– Mr J Mirfin


Year 10 – Mrs N Gibson

Deputy AC – Miss R Pearson


Year 11 – Miss S Norbury

Raising Achievement Lead – Mr N Inglis



What does our role entail?

We know the students in our year groups really well and often spend break and lunchtimes with our year groups, talking to them about their experiences of school. We are a point of contact for these students, and a person to speak to if they have any questions.

We also look at your child’s data at each round of Creating Futures and analyse the data in order to celebrate students’ success and identify any students who require additional support. We want to ensure that your child reaches his/her potential, both academically and as a member of the school community, so we are keen to work with you and other teachers in the school.

It is very important to us to celebrate and reward success, so we often run competitions and give prizes for Altus (students who secure all ‘Motivated’ or ‘Outstanding’ attitude grades in their Creating Futures monitoring) and reward those students with 100% attendance and exemplary behaviour records.

What can we help you with?

- Celebrating your child’s achievements, in and outside school

- Answering any questions you have about your child’s CF report

- Answering any questions about your child’s achievement in school

- Addressing any pastoral questions you may have

Has your child achieved something special outside school?

- Your child may have had a recent success outside school in sport, dancing, charity fundraising, a competition or any other area

- Please send us a ‘Contact Us’ message so we can celebrate their success at school too

How can you help your child succeed?

- Set a regular bed time; sleep is important for your child’s mental state

- Ensure your child comes to school every single day; children with 100% attendance are proven to achieve better grades

- Look at your child’s planner; support with organisation and homework really helps