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School closures - update on exams and university applications

27 March 2020

Important message regarding UCAS applications

We have been informed by UCAS that following the Government's announcement asking universities and colleges in England to hold back from making unconditional offers or amending existing offers to students for up to two weeks, UCAS have taken the decision to extend May’s ‘decision and reply’ deadline by two weeks. UCAS will email further details to all applicants shortly.

The extension will give students and their chosen universities extra time to fully consider any decisions and offers and ensure fairness in admissions is maintained. It also gives more time for further information to be shared on the awarding of grades for examinations and assessments that have been cancelled.

When results are confirmed, UCAS intend to run a clearing process to give applicants the flexibility to make further choices during the remainder of the application cycle. We will update you if we are informed of any further developments.

Working on vocational assignments

Some of you have been enquiring whether you are required to continue with your vocational assignments whilst you are working from home.

The government have indicated that all Year 13 A level students will get a calculated grade and that teachers will be involved in supplying information that contributes to that grade. We do not yet have details of exactly how grades will be awarded but it is clear that it will take into account a range of evidence (non-exam assessment, mock results, standardisation of student marks, teacher assessment and prior attainment) and that the Government will not simply be using predicted grades.

As non-exam coursework assessment is a fundamental element of the vocational courses, it is vital that you continue to work on this as advised by your teachers. The Government have made it clear that they will not simply be using predicted grades.

As soon as the Government finalises details of how grades will be awarded we will let you know. This link summarises the Government’s current position on assessment and awarding of grades.