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Mental Health Awareness Week

18 May 2020

It is Mental Health Awareness Week and the theme for this year is Kindness.

In Year 12 and Year 13 tutor periods and workshops during Mental Health Awareness week each year, we strive to continue to raise student awareness of the importance of mental health.

This year we have had guest speakers in from CAMHS, who shared a variety of strategies that can be used to support mental health. A key message was that your mental health is just as important as your physical health and as a result, we were all encouraged to talk about it with each other.

Even though we are spending more time at home than usual at the moment, we are all still seeing and hearing about so many acts of kindness in our communities. We know this can have such a positive impact on someone’s life.  Please do think this week about the ways you can be kind to yourself and kind to others, whilst still keeping safe and staying alert. It could be as small as smiling to a stranger in the street, or simply making time for yourself (this is so important). Think about what you like to do just for you.

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