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Pizza party and charity contributions for 7C

7C were rewarded for their excellent attendance with a pizza party - and celebrated by creating a hamper to donate to charity!

The students of 7C are not only the best attending form group in Year 7, but also the most generous. They celebrated their success with a form time pizza party, and were congratulated on a range of achievements including highest attending form, having two of the top three students for Vivos in the year group, the highest number of students with no c3s and c4s in the year group, and also one of the students having attitudes grades for CF2 in the top three out of 237 students!

During December, 7C also set themselves the challenge of creating a hamper to donate to the Doncaster Food Bank to help people less fortunate than themselves at Christmas. They gathered a variety of delicious treats and made a beautiful hamper which was gratefully received by the charity. Mrs James, their form tutor, presented the students with their certificate from the Doncaster Food Bank to thank them for the charity hamper they created and they finished the session with their very own Secret Santa gifts.

A huge well done to 7C for setting the example for all our form groups, and to Mrs James and Miss Flaherty for being such brilliant form tutors!