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Pearson Business School - Online Taster Days

Online event for undergraduate courses in Business Management or Finance.

17 September 2020



With UCAS season well under way, Pearson Business School are holding an Online Undergraduate Taster Day for students to take part in a virtual, interactive seminar-style class on a subject session of their choice: 

Business Management: Learn what corporate culture is and how it can shape companies such as Netflix and organisations like the NHS.

Accounting: Learn the difference between cash and profit, the importance of cash to a business and financing options for different types of organisations.

Law: Learn about legal terminology, career routes, and examine a taster legal case.

What to expect:

  • You'll get to learn the key principles of the subject you're interested in to decide if it's something you'd like to study
  • You'll meet expert tutors online (some even work in the industry!)
  • You can chat to our current students who'll be on the webinar throughout the day

The difference between a Taster Day and Open Day:


How do I join on the day?
We will send you information on how to join us online via email.

How long is the Taster Day?
Timings will be confirmed via email closer to the date.

Will I learn about Business Management and  Finance?
No - they're two separate sessions held on the same day.

Are there any age restrictions?
The content at our Taster Day is suitable for students aged 16 or over.

Can Parents/Guardians watch?
They're welcome to listen to the welcome talk, but the sessions are primarily for students. Open Days are a great option for parents/supporters.

For more information on Pearson Business School and a full list of their course, please visit: