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Modern Foreign Languages

Our MFL department aim to make languages accessible for all.

Based in the school’s Newton block, the department consists of four full time members of staff, all of whom specialise in at least one foreign language. Year 7 and Year 8 are taught in mixed ability groups, setting is applied in Year 9, and students return to smaller mixed ability groups at KS4. The department utilise the ‘wave model’ for their curriculum; in 2019/20, all new Year 7 students are studying French, and in 2020/21, all new Year 7s will study Spanish. At KS4, students can choose to continue studying the language they learnt at KS3. At post 16, the department currently offers the opportunity to continue Spanish at A Level on an in-depth course that includes the study of film, literature and various aspects of the Hispanic World. They are hoping to offer A level French if there is demand in the future.

In order to develop enthusiastic and talented linguists, our MFL teachers aim to immerse students in a foreign language. Lessons are delivered as much as possible in the target language, and students undergo an interactive experience where they get the chance to develop their own understanding of either French or Spanish through speaking, listening, reading and writing the language. Teachers stress the importance of thinking skills, resilience, accuracy, and the development of communication and inter-personal skills. Alongside learning the language, students also develop an increased awareness of the customs and traditions of their target language countries.

In our MFL department, teachers are passionate about their subject and never fail to enthuse new linguists. Using authentic resources, students work independently, in pairs and in groups and work is regularly self-, peer- and teacher assessed to reflect on progress and devise next steps to enable further improvements. The importance of the target language is stressed at all times; students are given opportunities to use their target language with both their teacher and their peers to develop their linguistic competence and confidence.

Of course, visits to both France and Spain are important in allowing our students to experience their target language in action. Many students have benefited from overseas visits to see and hear French and Spanish being spoken by native speakers and to learn more about culture and tradition in these countries. Recently, Year 9 students enjoyed a trip to the Loire Valley in France to practise their French and explore the French culture further.

For information about A level modern foreign languages, please visit our Sixth Form course pages.


Year 7 French Topics
- Greetings
- Numbers
- Days and months
- Opinions
- Family
- Pets
- Countries and nationalities
- Physical description

Year 8 Spanish Topics

  • Food
  • Holidays
  • Weather
  • Free time

Year 9 French Topics
- Technology
- Teenage life
- Healthy living
- Sport
- Film module

All assessments are set in line with the CF data drops.

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Quotations from our students:

I enjoy Spanish because it’s different to what I usually do in other lessons’

‘I enjoy learning languages as I get to learn new things every day’

‘My favourite thing is that I like learning languages that could help me in the future’


AQA Specification

Year 10 Spanish
Me, my family and friends
Technology in everyday life
Free time activities (music, film etc.)
Customs and festivals
Home, town, neighbourhood and region
Social issues (health problems, poverty, volunteering)

Year 11 French
Global issues (environment, homelessness, helping others)
Travel and tourism (holidays, transport, weather, accommodation)
My studies: life at school and college
Education post-16
Jobs, career choices and ambitions

All assessments are set in line with the CF data drops.

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