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IT and Computing

Our IT Department take on the ambitious challenge of ‘Developing confidence and curiosity in IT and Computing, continually aiming to solve problems in the most efficient and effective way.’

The department boasts three discrete ICT classrooms for KS3 and KS4, fully equipped with new desktops, headphones, microphones and graphic pads. At post-16, dual monitors are available for students to work on, along with touchscreen teacher workstations. Classes are mixed ability throughout, with two lessons a fortnight in KS3 and five lessons a fortnight at KS4.

Students undertake a varied IT and Computing curriculum at Ridgewood and build upon their expertise each year to prepare them for making their guided choices at KS4. To ensure that students are well prepared, the department aims to deliver a curriculum mixing computing, IT, media and digital literacy to ensure students have the right skills for use beyond school and in the real world. Students leave the department well equipped with the ability to talk confidently about their use of IT as well as being able to select and use the appropriate tools independently. Students are encouraged to experiment with software and learn transferable IT skills which are not software specific. We know that our students will go on to jobs involving IT systems that do not even exist yet, and we want to develop their enquiry abilities and understanding of software and hardware to transfer to a modern world.

Our IT and Computing Department prides itself on offering a continually evolving curriculum which ensures students are best prepared for their experiences in the outside world.

The department offers a number of enrichment opportunities and after school support/revision for KS4. This academic year, a programming club is offered to KS3 students, and KS4 students have taken part in a nationwide “CyberCenturion” Challenge.


Overview of topics:

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9


Students are assessed using the Ridgewood STEPS programme. Each year group is baselined to give us accurate starting points. Students are provided with STEPS grids for each unit of work to monitor their ongoing progress.

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Overview of topics:

There are two IT-based qualifications available at KS4: Computer Science (OCR) and iMedia (OCR Cambridge Nationals).

Details of the curriculum for these can be downloaded from this page.

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