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School House System

Our house system is all about ensuring that students become well-rounded individuals who contribute and get involved, whatever their talent or passion. It provides every student in the school with a plethora of opportunities to engage in competitions, support and mentor others, represent the school in a range of activities, and learn what it means to be part of a community. We are extremely proud of our house system.

Overview of our House System

When students and staff arrive at Ridgewood, they are assigned to one of four houses: Imperatrix, Voltigeur, Ambidexter or Margrave. These houses reflect both our geographical location in Doncaster, and the history of the area. House events are lead by a team of house prefects who help to publicise any events across the school.

Each house has carefully selected character virtues that will be associated with it. These are represented below along with the house logos.


House events run throughout the year, involving:

  • Sports events – Sports Day and competitions such as dodgeball
  • Spelling bee
  • Christmas Bake Off
  • Christmas craft activities
  • Design an app
  • Photography competitions
  • Performing arts performance
  • Anti-bullying posters