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The vision of the Geography department is simple: 'Geography takes you places.'

Through the Geography Curriculum at Ridgewood School we explore both physical and human geography, on a range of scales from local to global, across all Key Stages. The learning in Geography is topical, following new trends and developments. We want our students to develop rich knowledge, understanding and skills, whilst fostering a sense of awe and wonder towards the world around us.  


Our Geography Curriculum will give students a vast array of opportunities, including:

  • Studying physical processes such as, climate, hydrology and geomorphology from local to global scales, as well as human processes and environments.
  • Supporting students to develop their understanding of global economic development and the impact on global work forces and environments.
  • Enabling students to make geographical decisions with developed and reasoned judgements informed by their knowledge, understanding and skills. 
  • Teaching students not only about geographical scales but applying temporal (time) scale to analyse and evaluate changes in human and physical environments, linking to sustainability.
  • Developing an understanding of interconnections between human and physical processes.
  • Exploring a wide range of place based examples that demonstrate both challenge and opportunity in a complex world.
  • Exposing students to a variety of different geographical figures to allow continued progression of their cartographic skills: from OS map and GIS (Geographical Information Systems) mapping to graphical, statistical and numerical skills.
  • Incorporating fieldwork into their human and physical study. Facilitating learning about geographical enquiry processes and collection of data.
  • Allowing students to explore global locations through the curriculum, to extend and deepen their spatial and cultural awareness of the world’s changing urban and natural landscapes.
  • Developing students’ ability to evaluate and analyse the world around them, to become well rounded geographers.


For information about A level Geography, please visit our Sixth Form course pages.



Skills taught and developed:

  • Thinking skills
  • Independent enquiry
  • Literacy
  • Map skills

Home learning details and how parents can support their children with home learning:

  • Regular checking of homework and asking questions
  • Encouraging your child to take a regular interest in the news and the weather
  • Encouraging the use of maps (e.g. when visiting friends and relatives or going on holiday)


Students are assessed every seven weeks in line with the Creating Futures cycle.

Useful web links:


Students in KS4 study Edexcel Pearson Geography GCSE Specification B.

Pearson - Geography Specification

Skills taught and developed:

  • Numerical skills
  • Geographical skills
  • Statistical skills
  • Cartographic skills
  • Literacy skills
  • Enquiry skills

Home learning details and how parents can support their children with home learning:

  • Encourage students to use the school’s VLE where resources are uploaded to aid revision
  • Encourage students to read a newspaper or watch the news to keep up to date with wider geographical issues
  • Check student work to make sure it is of a high standard
  • Direct students to the exam board website and encourage them to attempt past questions#


Practice exam questions used regularly in lessons. Whole/partial exam papers used for each CF cycle.

Useful web links:

Please get in touch via the enquiry form on our Contact Us page, should you have any further questions about our Geography Curriculum or to speak directly to our Leader of Geography, Mr Tom Curtis.