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If you would like to get in touch with the school, please look at our FAQs so we can help you direct your query to the right person. For FAQs about our new uniform, please check the 'Information' section and click on 'School Uniform'.


My child will be absent from school today. 

Please ring our main reception on 01302 783939. Give details of the name of your child, the reason he/she will be absent, and the child’s year group and form.

I have questions about my child’s Creating Futures report. 

If it is about your child’s attitude or attainment in a particular subject, please contact the subject teacher in the first instance. On our ‘Contact Us’ form select ‘Curriculum subject’, and make sure you give the name of the teacher who teaches your child and details of what you would like to know more about. If you would like to ask a more general question about your child’s CF report, please contact his/her form tutor, again using the ‘Contact Us’ form.

I want to tell the school about something that my child has achieved. 

We would love to hear about what your child has achieved outside school! You can either send information via your child’s planner and ask him/her to show the form tutor or AC, or fill in our ‘Contact Us’ form selecting ‘My child’s success’ and giving us details of what he/she has done. With your permission, we would like to share stories about the success of Ridgewood students in the ‘Latest news’ section of our website.

I need to let the school know about a change in my child’s home circumstances. 

If you wish to tell us about a change of address or contact details, please use the relevant form on our 'Policies and documents' page. If you wish to let us know about a circumstance such as a bereavement or other event which may have an impact on your child's behaviour and emotion in school, please contact your child’s form tutor or Achievement Co-ordinator (see below for more details). You can either ring and ask to speak to the form tutor or AC who will call you back if they are not available, or share the information using our ‘Contact Us’ form, selecting ‘Form tutor’ or ‘Achievement Co-ordinator’.

I think my child may be experiencing bullying. 

We have a zero tolerance approach to bullying at Ridgewood. Please encourage your child to let our BfL team know immediately, with as much information as possible. They can either find a member of the BfL team at break or lunchtime, or use the 'bullying button' on the VLE. If you wish to follow up your child's contact with the BfL team, you can select 'BfL team' from our 'Contact Us' form or ring school and ask to speak to someone from the BfL team.

I would like to raise a safeguarding/student wellbeing concern. 

If you have significant concerns about a child's wellbeing or safety, please use our 'Contact Us' form to send us information, detailing your concerns, or ring the school, leaving your details, and asking for a member of the safeguarding team to get in touch.

I want to query an incident that happened at school regarding my child. 

Depending on the circumstances of the incident, the best people to contact would probably be our BfL team, if the incident was related to a child’s behaviour. Contact them as detailed above.

 I would like to know if my child has a detention.

Please contact Reception who will have the list for that day's detentions. If you wish to query a detention, please remember that in the first instance your child should appeal it at breaktime. Parents cannot appeal on behalf of their children. You may also wish to contact the BfL team about any further queries you have regarding your child's detention.

I want to know how to support my child in a particular subject. 

The more support students receive at home, the more successful they can be. In the first instance, please look at the subject page for the subject in which you want to help your child. Here you will find details of the topics being studied, useful web links, and details of home support that can be given. These can be found by clicking on the ‘Our learning’ tab on the homepage. If you require further information, please contact your child’s teacher for that subject. On our ‘Contact Us’ form select ‘Curriculum subject’, and make sure you give the name of the teacher who teaches your child.

I am concerned that my child is struggling or falling behind in a particular subject 

Again, the child’s teacher would be the first person to contact. You can get in touch with them as detailed above. If you have more serious concerns, you may wish to contact our SEND team, using our contact form.

My child has special educational needs and I want to know more/tell the school more details. 

Our SEND team and SEND co-ordinator can be contacted via our contact form, or by ringing the school, leaving your details, and asking for a member of the SEND team to get in touch. Please make sure you give details of your child and his/her year group.

I would like to know more about a particular curriculum subject. 

If you have a general query about the content, delivery and assessment of a curriculum subject, the Head of Department for that subject will probably be the best person to contact. He/she can be contacted by selecting ‘Curriculum subject’ on our contact form, and detailing the subject you wish to know more about, and what your query is.

I think my child should qualify for Pupil Premium/disadvantaged student funding. 

Students classed as ‘disadvantaged students’ are those who receive funding for free school meals (or have done at any point in the last six years), or who are looked after by the/a local authority, or who have been adopted from care, or who are the child of a family whose parent is a serving member of the armed forces. If you think your child falls into one of these categories and the school is not yet aware of it, please contact our SEND team using the contact form or by ringing us.

I want to let school know about a bereavement/personal issue/event that may mean that my child requires some additional support. 

Please let your child’s form tutor know. This can be through a note in their planner, via a phone call, or by selecting ‘Form tutor’ from our contact form and filling in details of the child’s name, his/her form tutor and the information you would like the form tutor to know.

I have a question about online payment/a financial query. 

Please visit our 'Online payment' page. It can be found under our ‘Information’ tab on our homepage. If your query is about paying for a trip or similar, please check our ‘Charging and Remissions Policy' which can be found under 'Academy Governance' in our 'About Us' section.

I would like to know the bus timetables for the school. 

The bus timetables for the current academic year can be found in our ‘Policies and documents’ section which is located in the ‘Information’ menu. Please check this before ringing Reception with a query about bus times.

My child has lost something at school 

There is a Lost Property box at Student Services which should be the first place your child checks for their lost item. If it is a piece of PE kit, the PE Department have their own lost property box. If the item cannot be found and you wish to let us know, get in touch by using our contact form, and selecting ‘Lost property’. Give us details of your child’s name, form, form tutor, the lost item and when/where the child last had it. We will ask our staff and students to look out for the lost item.

I would like to purchase school uniform. 

Visit our ‘School Uniform’ page in our ‘Information’ section for details of what our uniform is, and who our suppliers are.

I would like clarification about what is required for my child’s PE kit. 

Full details of PE kit can be found in our ‘School Uniform’ page in our ‘Information’ section.

I want to know what after school clubs are available for my child, and what time they finish. 

On our ‘Extra-curricular’ page, you can find links to timetables for our PE, Music and Drama activities. If you would like information about an extra-curricular club in another subject, please contact the person running the club, or ring Reception for more details.

I want to know what time my child’s football/hockey/rugby fixture finishes tonight. 

Firstly, check the ‘Sports fixtures and results’ page in our ‘Information’ section to see if the details are there. You can also check the calendar on the home page. If the information is not there, please ring Reception.

I am unable to attend parents’ evening but would like feedback on my child’s progress. 

Please let Reception know that you will not be attending. In order to get feedback from all your child’s subject teachers, please give the name of your child and their form tutor or Achievement Co-ordinator and we will ask for him/her to collate this information and pass it on to you.

Visitors to the school

I would like to come and look round the school as I am interested in sending my son/daughter to Ridgewood. 

Using our contact form, please select ‘Visiting the school’. Please let us know what year group your child is currently in and which school he/she attends. Someone will get in touch with you to arrange a visit.

I have a meeting at the school and require more information. 

If you know who the meeting is with and when it is taking place, contact Reception and ask to speak to the person taking the meeting. If you would simply like information about parking, access etc., our receptionist will be more than happy to help.

I am considering applying for a job at Ridgewood and would like to come and look round. 

We think it is really important that Ridgewood is right for you, and would love you to come and look round if you are thinking of applying to work here. You can either ring our Reception who will be happy to arrange a time to visit, or select ‘Recruitment’ on our contact form with details of the post you are interested in applying for and times you would be able to come and visit.

I would like to work collaboratively with Ridgewood School/share professional best practice. 

Working with other schools is extremely important to us. Please have a look through our website to see which area of our school you are particularly interested in, and fill in our contact form, selecting ‘Best practice’ and giving us details about the school you currently work in, and the area on which you would like to collaborate.

Other enquiries

I used to attend Ridgewood School and would like to join the alumni. 

You can either visit our ‘Alumni’ page on the website, or go directly to

I would like to apply for a Post-16 place. 

Please visit our Post-16 page in the ‘Our learning’ section, check our admissions criteria in our ‘Information’ section, or use our contact form, selecting ‘Post-16 team’ for more details.

I would like to contact your Chair of Governors. 

All requests should be put in writing and addressed to the school for the attention of the Chair of Governors.

I would like a replacement exam certificate. 

You can contact our Exams Officer by ringing reception on our main school number and asking to be put through to the exams office.