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If you are receiving examination results this summer, please read this news item.

You can find and download information about school examinations, public examinations and timetables here. Any summary timetables published on the website are not exhaustive and do not contain dates of internal assessment, coursework, practicals, performances etc. Dates and specifications are always provisional and subject to change, so you must contact us with any urgent enquiry.

It is really important that students and parents familiarise themselves with the various publications and posters published by JCQ (the Joint Council for Qualifications). These provide information, guidelines and regulations which centres and students must follow in order to be awarded with a qualification at the end of a course of study. There is an additional date in the Summer exam calendar which is chosen by JCQ and is reserved in the event of substantial local or national disruption. Therefore, examinations may also take place on this date in very rare circumstances. Students must be available throughout the whole examination period up until this ‘contingency date’.

Many qualifications (V Cert, Cambridge Nationals & Technicals, BTEC etc.) contain public examinations and assessments throughout the school year – in some cases during school holidays. These exam dates and assessment windows cannot be changed by the school. Other non-timetabled components i.e. practical elements, controlled assessments and coursework may also take place during the year on dates agreed by the subject departments and with external examiners.

Any absence or late arrival may result in NO GRADE being awarded by the exam board and parents may be charged the entry fee. It is not possible for an absent student to sit an exam at a different time or the following day; this is not permitted by the exam boards. Students must provide a doctor’s note (or equivalent professional evidence) where possible and complete a self-certification form (available from the Exams Manager) if any examination absence is absolutely unavoidable.

Certificates for the 2018/19 school year can be collected from 1 December 2019.

Certificates for the 2017/18 school year can still be collected.

Current students can collect any certificates from Sixth Form reception. School leavers can obtain these from main school reception. If the student named on the certificates cannot collect them personally, please complete the Third Party Collection form which you can download from this page.

It is vitally important to keep your certificates safe once collected. Uncollected certificates from previous years may not be held by the school as we are required by the regulations to retain them only for a period of 12 months. Please contact us first to check if we have them in storage. If we do not have them, or they have been lost, you would have to contact each exam board individually. There will be a charge for this from the exam board and we are unable to do this on your behalf. Further information on how to proceed can be found here