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Personal Development Period (PDP)

Ridgewood has its own unique approach to form time which we call our ‘Character Curriculum’. This is delivered by a form tutor in a designated session in the middle of the school day. Students get the chance to speak to their form tutor as their primary pastoral point of contact, and to undertake a range of stimulating and thought-provoking activities which are designed to help them understand their own personal development, and to become better citizens. Assemblies also link these ideas together, and are a chance for students to celebrate what they have learnt and discovered about British Values and our twenty-first century society.

Our Character Curriculum enables us to deliver our vision for PSHE: 'everyone striving to be the best citizen they can be'.


Students undertake an initial SPaG audit, then work on developing confidence in all areas of literacy, exploring pronouns, apostrophes, and a range of spelling, punctuation and grammar activities. Form tutors deliver the sessions, which are matched to students' needs at each key stage.


Students follow the 'Numeracy Ninjas' programme. This is a fast-paced and fun way for students to practise mental arithmetic and improve their number skills.


Every week, students come together as a year group for an assembly. Usually led by their Achievement Co-ordinator, this is an opportunity for students to hear key messages, and to understand how the week's theme applies to them. Themes may include 'Stepping Up to a Challenge' and 'Reflecting on the Year', and will always ask students to consider how they can become the best citizens possible. Assemblies are also an important chance to celebrate students' achievements, both in and outside the classroom.