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Careers Information

Careers Lead: Mrs Michelle Charters

Tel: 01302 783939

It is essential that students of all ages at Ridgewood are aware of the educational, vocational and career options available to them at every stage of their learning. Since gaining the nationally recognised Quality Award in 2013, we promote an innovative and creative approach to careers guidance, we are now committed to working towards the Quality and Careers standard over the next two years.

The menu of support includes individual careers guidance for those students who need it, but it also extends to group work and other activities, such as support for accessing and researching information, CV writing workshops, industry visits, Career spotlights and employer engagement.

Dedicated information sessions on both Higher Education (HE) and apprenticeship routes are offered, led by specialist and qualified consultants from Progress Careers, and are available to students and parents both in school and at our many evening events.

The impact of our careers programme on our students is measured and evaluated by our 'compass evaluations' that we carry out in partnership with the Doncaster Careers Hub once every term. We also take student voice as part of any evaluation of any event or materials that we offer. In addition, we analyse destination data each year to ensure that our guidance is impartial.  

We review the information published in July each year, both as a school and through Progress Careers. The next review will be in July 2022.

Please note: we are currently awaiting the data for 2021 leavers destinations, and will update the information above as soon as we receive it. 



 Independent, impartial careers advice can be found at: 

Progress Career's Ridgewood page.

For more information about careers, you could visit an independent website such as:


Committed to working towards the Standard.

Please get in touch via the enquiry form on our Contact Us page, should you have any further questions or to speak directly to our Careers Lead, Mrs Michelle Charters.