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British Values and Prevent

British Values  

All students in Key Stages 3 and 4 are taught about British Values through the PSHCE curriculum. Their lessons provide them with opportunities to explore and learn about democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, and the importance of demonstrating mutual respect for, and tolerance of others. Students are also given time to explore and reflect on how they experience British Values in their own lives. They are also provided with the opportunity to develop and demonstrate skills and attitudes that will allow them to participate fully in and contribute positively to life in modern Britain. 


All students in Key Stages 3 and 4 are taught about Prevent through the PSHCE curriculum. Our students access this through high quality specialist teaching, not only through our PSHCE programmes but also through tutorial programmes, assemblies and additional curriculum provision. They are taught about the assumptions and stereotypes that can lead to some young people becoming alienated and disempowered.  The approaches we use also support our students in understanding the dangers of radicalisation, helping them to build resilience towards extremism. We work closely with the students to aid them in developing a positive sense of identity, particularly through the use of critical thinking skills.

All students understand the importance of keeping safe both in and out of school and are regularly reminded of the procedures for reporting any safeguarding concerns.