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About Us

Headteacher’s Welcome

We want every student who leaves Ridgewood School to aspire to achieve beyond what they thought they could do when they first started with us.

Our core values emphasise high standards, pride in everything we do, and working together as a school community to achieve the best, both inside and beyond the classroom. Nobody at Ridgewood settles for second best. It is important to us that our students not only achieve great results, but develop as people who are ready to meet any challenges they face in the future with confidence and self-assurance. We want to give our students opportunities that let them grow both intellectually and personally, and enable them to develop their own unique characters. Students at Ridgewood are given the means to contribute to both our school community and the wider community beyond. We educate the whole child so that students immerse themselves wholeheartedly in school life, and leave with a desire to contribute to society.

We offer our students an environment in which they can flourish, and see the results of their own hard work pay off. With the help of our dedicated staff, they can prepare for the road ahead and begin their journey into adult life equipped with the skills they need to ensure a happy and successful future.

Maggie Dunn, Headteacher